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Solar/Waste Heat Cooling

Air conditioning and refrigeration today consumes more than 50% of the energy for many buildings. India’s Air Conditioning penetration is between 3-6% today against the world average of 60%. With increased affordability of air conditioners, there is going to be severe strain on the availability of electricity. Therefore, cooling systems that do not depend on…
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Solar Heating

There is a growing emphasis on utilising solar energy for industrial processes, cooking and other heat related processes to achieve energy security as well as to combat the menace of climate change and global warming. While there is a larger focus on power-generation aspect of solar energy, there are greater opportunities to deploy solar energy…
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Radiant Cooling

Of three modes of heat transfer – Conduction, Convection & Radiation – the least understood is mode is Radiation, especially with regard to human thermal comfort. Thermal radiation is electromagnetic radiation emitted from the surface of a body as a result of its temperature. The picture below shows three modes of heat transfer: As can…
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