Oorja commissioned its first solar thermal project by implementing solar heating solution for Almond House, a 25-year old manufacturer of sweets in Hyderabad. Prior to implementing the solar heating system, milk processing was done by burning diesel to produce steam and use it for producing Khoya (maava) from milk.

By moving on to using solar heating solution, diesel consumption has been reduced by 70%. Oorja has installed is solar parabolic troughs to produce the heat at 140 deg C required to process the milk. The additional benefit of implementing solar heating solution is that there is less fumes and soot emitted in the immediate environment where sweets are prepared.

To understand more about Solar Heating solutions offered by Oorja, please click here.

Oorja Energy today demonstrated its patented radiant ceiling panel system at ACREX 2014. The new panel is made completely of aluminium and it eliminates low efficiency of other panels that require surface contact between two different materials. Using only aluminium for manufacturing of the panels also reduces the cost of production and makes the radiant cooling system economically viable.

Oorja is looking forward to installation of these panels at different customer sites in the coming months. For details on Radiant Cooling and how it works, please click here.

Oorja Energy and HIJC USA have inked an MoU for production of Solar ADsorption Chillers in India. Oorja Energy is exclusive manufacturing licensee of ADsorption Cooling technology from HIJC.

HIJC is one of the leading companies producing adsorption chillers upto 300 TR. With the new breakthrough in design, the chillers can be designed upto 1000TR each. The Adsoroption cooling technology does not use harmful refrigerants and uses only Silica Gel and Water.

Oorja Energy will start manufacturing these chillers at their new manufacturing facility at Cherlapalli in Hyderabad, TG

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