InterSolar India 2015 – Oorja Presents on Novel Solar Thermal Applications

Oorja Energy Eng’g presented “Novel Industrial Applications using Solar Thermal Technologies” as recently concluded InterSolar 2015 at Mumbai. The presentation was a part of the series – Novel Applications: A Part of India’s Solar DNA.

Presentation at InterSolar India 2015Madhusudhan Rao making presentation at InterSolar India 2015 about Novel Applications using Solar Thermal Technologies.

Oorja’s Managing Director, Madhusudhan Rao, talked beyond the traditional solar thermal applications like Community Cooking, Milk Pasteurisation, Boiler Feed Water Pre Heating, Solar Cooling etc. The novel applications discussed were:

  • Steel Mould Pre-heating in Steel Castings
Solar Thermal Steel MouldSteel Moulds require to be heated upto 300 deg C and can be done using Solar Concentrators
  • Bitumen & Aggregates heating in Road Construction
Solar Heat Bitumen RoadBitumen & Aggregates used on road construction use diesel for heating them to 160 deg C. Solar Heat source can be used.
  • Industrial Effluent Drying for Industries adopting Zero Liquid Discharge
Multi Effect Evaporator Industrial Effluent Solar ProcessingLarge quantities of industrial effluents are dried in Multi-Effect Evapoarator (MEE) that operate on Steam. Solar Concentrators can be used to produce this steam.
  • Hydrogen Production for use as fuel
Hydrogen Production Solar ThermalHydrogen fuel can be produced by using Ultra High Concentration using Solar using Metal Oxide reactions.

The complete presentation can be seen here.

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