Radiant Ceiling Cooling

We are currently executing this project at KL University, Vijayawada. This newly deemed university plans to have a 24-hour library that is air conditioned. The decision to implement Radiant Cooling system was taken by the university to save on energy costs of running 24-hour air conditioning for a 2,00,000 sft building.

The cross-linked polyethylene (PEX) pipes for radiant cooling were laid in-situ for this project as the slab is a Post-tensioned (PT) one with tendons running across it. Both PT tendons and the radiant cooling pipes have to embedded in the slab and we ensured that none of these pipes hindered the function of PT tendons in any manner. The pipes were placed in the beams too without causing any damage to the structural integrity of the building.

Here are some pictures of the installation:




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