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Radiant Cooling for Cold Storages

Warehouses play a very vital role in today’s supply chain logistics and this sector is having close to 20% growth year on year in India. Many sectors are using cold storages today like agro, chemical, pharma, dairy, etc. With the scale of growth in this sector and innovations in the field of HVAC, the biggest challenge for this sector – Operating energy cost - still remains practically unsolved.

Radiant Cooling technology is a perfect match to solve this challenge. Radiant cooling is an extremely cost effective, low maintenance, high efficiency, customizable cooling system that can reduce the OPEX cost by over 30%.

Unique Challenges of Cold Storage warehouses:

Total energy usage by HVAC systems around the world
Total energy usage by HVAC systems around the world

Energy consumption in a cold storage facility has a significant impact on the operational cost of the facility. Energy consumption in a cold storage facility has a significant impact on the operational cost of the facility and thereby the overall cost of the product. Within the facility, 60-70% of the electrical energy is used for refrigeration. As an example, 50kgs bag of potatoes costs Rs 10 -15 per month for cold storage.

Warehouses typically have a high ceiling and constant movement of personnel and products which results in significant cooling loses thereby increasing the energy bill. Warehouse operation can cost up to 10% of the company revenue. Facility managers and owners are under great pressure to reduce cost of operation, budget controls and also a greater pressure of reducing the GHG emissions. Continuous electricity supply is a challenge and need for backups like diesel generators further increases the energy costs, GHG emissions and noise levels.

Growth of Cold Storage warehouses:

Cold Storage Growth in India
Cold Storage Growth in India
With the increase in demand, over a span of ten years from 2004- 2014 number of cold stores have been increased by 50%. The number of cold storages is estimated to increase 16% YoY and revenues from these cold stories is estimated to grow CAGR of 7.5% to reach INR 470 Billion in next 4 years.


Growth in the sector is driven by initiatives taken by the government such as the launch of National Centre for Cold Chain Development, allowing 100% FDI, Tax benefits are to name a few.

Current Solutions for Cold Storage warehouses:

Running and lifecycle costs in India are very high due to bad power supply that forces the operators to have a backup option in place, all of which increases the operating cost considerable. The current solution of providing ACs, is highly un-economical, high cooling loses, high noise levels, high CO2 emissions and can have high GWP (Global Warming Potential) as well as high ODP (Ozone Depletion Potential).

Current improvements in the HVAC market has been minimalistic and cooling is still one of the highest power consumers. As India’s cooling requirement grows, we cannot rely on the same high energy guzzling technologies.

India Cooling Requirement compared to other countries
India Cooling Requirement compared to other countries

Radiant Cooling – A viable solution for cold storages:

Radiant Cooling is a very viable and highly effective solution for cold storages requiring 24x7 * 365 days continuous cooling. Compared with conventional systems, using radiant cooling technology reduces the cooling load of the building and maintains a uniform temperature throughout the building. Usually in pharma industries where there are GI (galvanised ion) sheets used at the top of industries and when they are being exposed to sun, their temperature raises up to 80°C and the heat is re radiated into space.

Oorja's Radiantly Cooling Pharma Warehouse/Cold Storage
Oorja's Radiantly Cooling Pharma Warehouse/Cold Storage

In Radiant cooling technology there will be aluminium or copper panel installed in the ceiling where chilled water will be circulated. So that prevents the heat being radiated into the space and absorbs the heat. Moreover, it reduces the heat in space that is also being radiated to the panels to provide comfort cooling. This technology reduces the temperature about 45-55°C and provides uniform comfort.

                  Oorja’s Radiant Cooling                        Air Conditioning
Capital Cost ??? ???
Maintenance Simple & Cost Effective Complex & Expensive
Operating Cost ~ Rs. 30 lakhs > Rs. 70 lakhs
Uniform Cooling Yes No
Refrigerant Water Polluting Refrigerants
GHG Emissions Eco-friendly Environmentally harmful CFCs
Global Warming Potential Nil **High
Ozone Depletion Potential Nil **High

*Above numbers for a 10,000 sq ft cold storage warehouse                **Depends on the refrigerant used.


Oorja Energy has implemented many innovative solutions across many industries in the field of heating and cooling. Oorja has implemented the world’s first radiantly cooled pharmaceutical warehouse of 1,00,000 sq ft in Hyderabad, India. Temperature of 22 °C (±2) is maintained 24x7 * 365. Our expert engineering team has executed many projects across all parts of India and is well versed with the climatic, geographical and specific industry challenges and its solutions.


Oorja cold Storage
Oorja cold Storage