Radiant Cooling for Warehouses

Warehouses are spaces which usually require cooling round the clock 365 days. To cool a space like a warehouse using conventional HVAC systems is very energy-intensive and increases the operating cost of the warehouse which, in turn, affects the prices of the products that are being stored. Also, warehouses have high ceilings and constant movement of personnel resulting in significant cooling losses and an increase in the energy bills.

Radiant cooling technology is a solution to solve this problem, as water is the medium used to cool instead of air. This is because water has 3500 times more heat carrying capacity than air. Radiant panels with copper tubes embedded in them are retrofitted below the roof in a false ceiling and cold water is circulated inside the copper tube at around 15 to 18 degrees, taking away the sensible load in the space. We can also reduce the load of the space initially by keeping aluminum sheets just below the roof of the warehouse so that re-radiated heat from the roof is reduced.

Oorja's Radiantly Cooling Pharma Warehouse/Cold Storage
By using radiant panel system:

1. We are generating chilled water at around 15 to 18 degrees compared to 5 to 8 degrees of conventional HVAC systems, thereby reducing the input energy needed to the compressor significantly.

2. We eliminate the need for Hurrahs and ducts for the circulation of cold air.

3. We maintain a uniform temperature throughout the warehouse which is important to maintain the quality of the product.

By generating chilled water at 15 to 18 degrees and eliminating the need for AHU and ducts around 30 to 50% savings on operations costs can be done compared to conventional HVAC systems. The maintenance of radiant cooling systems is simple and cost-effective as minimal resources are used. Also, by using radiant systems, we offset a significant amount of GHG emissions by reducing the amount of electricity consumed.

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