Solar/Waste Heat Cooling

Air conditioning and refrigeration today consumes more than 50% of the energy for many buildings. India’s Air Conditioning penetration is between 3-6% today against the world average of 60%. With increased affordability of air conditioners, there is going to be severe strain on the availability of electricity. Therefore, cooling systems that do not depend on electricity have to be adopted.

Adsorption cooling uses hot water to provide chilled water used for central air conditioning. The source of hot water required for adsorption cooling can be either solar or some waste heat source, thus reducing the cost of electricity significantly for cooling.

The diagram below shows the working of an adsorption chiller:

Adsorption ChillerAdsorption Chiller

Oorja is now manufacturing adsorption chillers in India and can assist you in any of your solar cooling or waste heat based cooling projects.

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