Factory Shopfloors

Factory shop floors have high ceilings and roofs made of sheds. Depending on the nature of the factory, the indoor ambient temperature can go up to as high as 35 degree Celsius. The factory sheds re-radiate heat into the space that is absorbed by the sheds during the day. So, these spaces remain hot for most parts of the day. These are spaces where conventional HVAC systems cannot be installed to provide comfort cooling due to the size of the area, building structure and costs. But basic comfort to the workers present in the factory needs to be given. Oorja Fin and tube radiant cooling systems are specially designed for these kinds of spaces.

By using Fin and Tube Radiant Cooling System

1. The fin and tube have a large surface area of contact and can be hung from the roof of the shed.

2. We generate chilled water at around 15 to 18 degrees which is sufficient to provide comfort cooling. This reduces the chiller size significantly.

3. The consumption of kW/tonne is low due to the increased efficiency of the chiller.

4. The system is quiet and doesn’t add to the already existing noise and vibrations.

5. The cost of this system is low as it is specially designed for these kinds of spaces.

6. We eliminate the need for AHUs and ducts to allow for the circulation of cold air.

7. We maintain a uniform comfort temperature throughout the factory workshop, thereby providing cooling for all occupants.

Figure 1 Fin and Tube system

By generating chilled water at 15 to 18 degrees and eliminating the need for AHU and ducts, operations costs of around 30 to 50% savings can be achieved compared to the conventional HVAC systems. The maintenance of radiant cooling systems is simple and cost-effective as minimal resources are used.

In Radiant cooling systems, water is used as a medium to cool rather than air. Water has 3500 times more heat carrying capacity than air. Fin and tube radiant cooling systems have tubes surrounded by fin. Cold water at around 15 to 18 degrees is circulated through these tubes, which takes away the sensible load in the space.

By using radiant systems, we offset a significant amount of GHG emissions by reducing the amount of electricity consumed compared to HVAC systems. It is important that we provide workable conditions to workers in a factory. This can be done as explained through fin and tube radiant cooling system at low costs.

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