Oorja selected for UN Climate Change Conference COP23 – Bonn, Germany

The UN Climate Change Conference (UNCCC) is the annual Conference of the Parties (COP) to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). The annual COP is the supreme decision making body of the UNFCCC. In this international convention, 197 countries have committed themselves to reducing their greenhouse gas emissions. In light of the outcomes of the Paris Agreement, there is a lot of buzz and expectations for more reduction of emission of Greehouse Gases (GHG) and other positive climate change action plan.

Oorja has been selected to be a part of the India Pavilion at the event as a leading Cleantech Innovator. 
The event will showcase the innovations by Oorja in Cleantech Heating & Cooling and Oorja’s representive will also be part of the panel discussions at the event.

We would like to share this honour with all customers, vendors and partners whose contributions have helped us reach this stage.

About Oorja Energy:

Oorja Enegy is a Cleantech Heating & Cooling company offering innovative solutions that include radiant heating/coolingsolar heating for industrial processessolar coolingsolar desalination etc. for industrial and commercial sectors. All our solutions aim at using a renewable source or reducing the use of fossil fuel for heating & cooling requirements.

For more details, you can visit us at www.oorja.in. You can also click on any of our social media links below to know more about us.

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